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Miles Beyond Exceptional Service

We are proud to offer the finest transportation services to our valued customers living in or around Etna. We believe that keeping our customers and their loved ones safe on the road is of utmost importance. With our committed and dedicated team of professional drivers, you can rest assured that your loved ones will be taken care of during their transportation needs.
We offer flexible and customized transportation services for seniors who need help going to medical appointments or for kids who need to get to and from school or other activities. Our services are on time, professional, and hassle-free; there's no need to worry, as we will go the extra mile to take care of all your transportation needs with care, comfort, and safety in mind. Our services not only ensure that our customers are safe and secure, but they also allow families to let go of the stress of transporting their loved ones.
We understand the unique needs of our senior and youth customers. That's why we offer specialized transportation services. With our commitment to providing quality transportation services with care, comfort, and safety in mind, our services give families the confidence to let go of the stress that comes with transporting their loved ones.
We are here to make sure that our clients always have the best service, making their lives easier and more convenient. We strongly encourage you to contact us today to build the perfect transportation plan for your needs. We look forward to helping make your transportation needs a success story!


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Reach out to us at Byrd Transportation Service to inquire about our reliable transportation services for seniors and children. We prioritize their safety and well-being, providing on-time rides to appointments and school. Experience peace of mind with our trusted service.